The wind is also turning in the shipping industry – whether for ferries, fishing ships, container ships or cruise ships. The number of zero emission zones in ecologically sensitive waters is rising rapidly: ships that rely purely on combustion engines are no longer allowed to enter these restricted areas! This means strong wind in the sails of environmentally friendly, emission-free propulsion systems. Quiet, clean and efficient is the maxim.

At sea, the technical requirements for performance and long-term reliability of batteries and/or fuel cells are even higher than on land. This is in line with the technology and innovation expertise of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. We cannot change the wind, but we can change the course. We therefore equip ships with modular, individually configurable battery and fuel cell systems. And, as the supreme discipline, we offer integrated hybrid drive solutions that ideally combine the advantages of batteries and fuel cells.




The electrification of drive technology is progressing much faster than expected. The pressure to act is increasing. Against this backdrop, the transport of goods and passengers cannot avoid electrification. We offer complete system solutions for trucks and delivery vehicles, buses, trains, ships as well as mining and construction vehicles. Customers place their trust in us, they rely on our innovative strength, quality, global presence and long-term financial solidity.

Nils Martens, Senior Vice President of the Battery & Fuel Cell Systems Division, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies



Our decades of materials and technology know-how are unparalleled anywhere in the world. But it is only together with the innovative strength of our engineers that Freudenberg develops new material and design concepts for tomorrow’s mobility. We provide well-founded answers to important challenges in the further development of e-mobility. We counter rising energy densities, for example, with intelligent multifunctional solutions in thermal management and functional reliability. Benefit from the high quality and efficiency of our products on your specific path into the mobile future.

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It’s time to be ahead of the times

Based on its unique materials, systems and technology expertise, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is already building the bridge to tomorrow: with high-performance seals and components, functionally reliable modules such as fuel cell stacks and complete (battery) systems.



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At the Heart of High Performance

State-of-the-art cell technology. Since its founding in 2009, this has been the focus and driving force behind the energy solutions XALT Energy offers customers. XALT’s low-impedance cell designs, in combination with the use of advanced materials and world-class manufacturing standards, result in total energy systems that deliver exceptionally long and reliable lifecycle performance in some of the most demanding environments.

XALT’s prismatic pouch cell offers excellent power-to-energy ratios. Depending upon its chemistry, the prismatic pouch cell also offers high charge and discharge capabilities and can be easily recycled at the end of its useful life. XALT engineers are experts at evaluating the energy needs required to successfully power heavy-duty applications for land and sea; contact them today about configuring the ultimate lithium ion energy system for your needs.

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Power Your Innovation

XALT Energy specializes in the development of advanced hardware and software solutions that are perfectly matched to its cell technologies. The result is an optimized energy system that outperforms “mix and match” systems assembled from multiple sources. XALT offers a complete range of products, including battery modules and packs, battery disconnect units, string controller units, master control units, customizable software, battery rack systems and advanced telematics systems technology, that can be configured into a custom energy solution that will keep your applications powered up and running under the most demanding conditions.

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Ask the E-Mobility Experts

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